You just had a successful open house with several prospective buyers. What steps should you take next to reel in these clients? Many real estate agents struggle with maintaining leads. Unfortunately, without consistent follow up, these leads may grow more and more distant until they are lost entirely.

Recently, real estate agents have found retargeting to be very effective. Retargeting entails using creative ads and eye-catching copy to entice people back to your website after they already visited it. Of course, retargeting takes many different forms and can be accomplished  through various platforms. However, it is also easy to use it ineffectively. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts for realtors and mortgage professionals to follow for a successful retargeting campaign. Read on to learn more.

Do try an A/B test

It is estimated that 70% of consumers convert to a website thanks to a successful retargeting campaign. With this said, it is important for real estate agents to test out a few campaigns and evaluate each one critically. Consider: which ones yield the best results? Which ones offer little benefit? What areas need improvement?

To get a feel for the type of market you should focus on, also consider testing your ads to different types of groups, based on specific demographics and buying behavior.

DON’T retarget on too many platforms

Remember back in the old days of AOL when you used to have to click out of every pop-up ad just to get to the site you needed? Don’t remind your customers of the old dial-up days! It might seem beneficial to get your retargeting campaign out on every possible platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others, but it is actually overwhelming to the consumer and might even result in a decrease of visits and lead conversions to your site. Save yourself the headache and focus on one platform for your retargeting.

DO give the retargeting responsibilities to a third party

You have enough on your plate as a busy realtor! Give the retargeting responsibilities to a third-party agency; let them handle the important stuff. If outsourcing your retargeting campaign isn’t within your budget, try to find someone who has retargeting or digital marketing experience to take over the spot. Some vendors to try for your retargeting campaign are:

- Google Ads

- Facebook Ads

- Linkedin Ads

- Instagram Ads

Give each a shot to see what works best and executes your company’s message most effectively.

Don’t create campaigns that are too over-the-top

You want an effective retargeting campaign, but you don’t have to over-do it. When thinking about the purpose of your campaign, keep these questions in mind:

-What message do I want to give my client?

-What emotion(s) do I want a prospective client to feel when they view my ad?

-What is the path I want the client to take that leads them to a web conversion?

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