Are you in the market for a new home (or even your first)?  Of course, finding the perfect home isn’t as easy as we often hope. You may have to make some compromises; for instance, you may choose to accept less space in favor of a desirable location. Fortunately, the FHA’s (Federal Housing Administration) 203K rehab loans allow you to wrap the remodeling funds into the mortgage. This means that you can use this type of loan to purchase a home or to remodel a home that you already own.

FHA 203K Mortgage Loans for New Jersey Home Buyers

Most New Jersey home buyers who invest in fixer-upper properties use two separate loans to finance the home and to pay for renovations. But this can be expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. That is where the Federal Housing Administration 203k loans come in. Also known as FHA Construction loans or Rehab Loans, the FHA 203K loans are backed by the federal government. Essentially, they allow you to purchase a house and repair it in one transaction.

How FHA 203K Loans Work

The process of purchasing a house with an FHA 203K loan is not much different than buying one the “typical” way. However, it has some modifications:

Apply and get approved

The method of applying and getting final approval involves contacting contractors and receiving bids.

Choose your projects

Before your loan can be approved, you have to determine the repairs you want to do. Your lender will require that any potential health or safety hazards are promptly addressed. For instance, you have to address things like mold, lead-based paints, and broken windows. You can also decide the cosmetic items you would want to take care of. For example, you can choose to add granite, replace appliances, and gut the bathroom.

Choose contractors

After you list all your projects, it’s time to find contractors. Your contractor should be licensed and insured. The best home remodeling results will come from professionals who have previously done 203k renovations.

Get official bids

Once you get a contractor who can help you get your loan approved, request for official bids. The proposals have to be accurate because your lender will submit bids to the appraiser, who will build the value of the whole renovation project into the future value of your property.

Submit all information to your lender

At this point, your lender already has all your information, including your income, asset, and credit information. After submitting the bid paperwork, your lender will approve your loan.

Close the renovation mortgage

You will have to sign some final documents before the house is officially yours. The contractor will then start working, and depending on the work needed; you may be able to move in immediately.

Move into your new home

Once the contractor completes the work, you will be the new owner of your beautiful home. Best of all, you will be able to build equity in a short time--you won’t even go through the lengthy and expensive process of buying your dream home.

Apply Through an FHA Approved Lender

The benefit of the FHA Mortgages is that they enable you to buy a fixer-upper that you would not have been able to afford. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, you will need a professional to guide you along the way. At NJ Lenders Corp, we will help make the FHA 203K loan process easier. Contact us or call one of our friendly 203K home loan experts at 973-890-005 today!